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Republicans want five million people to go hungry

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Republicans want five million people to go hungry

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The Republican controlled House of Representatives wants to kick millions of people off food stamps. According to a new report from the Health Impact Project, the SNAP budget cuts proposed by House Republicans would leave five million people struggling without the nutritional assistance that they rely on. According to the report, the proposed $20 billion dollars in cuts would also increase poverty levels, and lead to a spike in illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure as people would be subjected to more stress and lower-quality food choices.

The director of the study, Dr. Aaron Wernham, said, β€œThe SNAP program has implications for health, and we wanted to make sure that health is part of the debate.” However, it's unlikely that this report – or any – will sway Republican congresspeople far from the draconian cuts they proposed. As the debate in Congress continues over a farm bill that includes nutritional assistance, millions of Americans will be watching closely, hoping Republicans don't cut off the important food aid that they rely o

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