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Does anyone know if this guy is related to Hamburg?

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Man arrested after leading UPD on chase
Ukiah Daily Journal

A man was arrested Sunday after allegedly leading officers on a high-speed chase through Ukiah, the Ukiah Police Department reported.
According to the UPD, officers responded to North Spring Street shortly before 9:26 p.m. May 5 when it was reported that a man in a jogging suit was waving a pistol and shouting obscenities near Pomolita Middle School.
Before officers arrived, the suspect, identified as Matthew A. Hamburg, 36, was seen getting into a red Toyota pick-up and driving away. Officers attempted to pull over the vehicle at North Dora Street and Grove Avenue, but it reportedly did not stop and began driving through the west side of Ukiah at speeds reaching 40 m.p.h while being pursued by officers.
Hamburg then reportedly headed south on South State Street at speeds reaching 70 m.p.h. before turning onto Boonville Road, then later a dirt road near Shepard Lane. At the dirt road, officers were able to block him from driving further.
When Hamburg exited the vehicle, he reportedly briefly struggled with officers before being placed under arrest for evading a police officer, a felony. At the time of his arrest, officers did not locate a weapon on his possession or in the car.
According to the UPD, Hamburg said he knew he was being pursued, but he didn't pull over because he didn't think he had done anything wrong.
Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call the UPD at 463-6262.

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that's Dan's son. Matthew, as Dan has noted in public when discussing the Aaron Bassler case at Supe mtg's, has had psychiatric problems for some time and they have had difficulty in finding treatment for him.

The death of Matthew's Mom recently sure must have been hard on him. His Mom seems to have been a real sweetheart. (In addition to many other things, like a fine musician.)

Dan was her caretaker, as news reports indicated, during her last days, and knowing this now, and seeing how engaged he was with his public duties during this time and just following her death, I sure am impressed with his ability to function so well during this time.

I would be in a shell if it was me.


Someone I know knew Carrie Hamburg and he really really really liked her. Now, since this person isn't considered to be the shiniest penny by many, many in this county (lol), the fact that she apparently also really enjoyed his company is pretty damn solid evidence about her character!

Been camping out of county and don't have any news updates on this case but I hope Matthew's case is dropped and a more real approach (finding treatment resources) is adopted.

Good to see no tabloidization of this!

Such a sad thing.  So hard on the entire family and death of Matthew's mother has got to be a trigger for a downhill ride for him.  We need to have better treatments than jail cells.

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