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1 IMPORTANT! MCTV Needs Help! on Thu May 09, 2013 8:33 pm


MCTV is a fabulous resource in this community.
It saddens me greatly to hear that they must move.
It is worse in that they may be forced to shut down completely.
If anyone can provide meaningful help, PLEASE contact Elizabeth!

Please see the newsletter from Elizabeth below explaining the situation.

The judge ruled – MCTV must give their building to Footlighters

I have been asked by everyone I run into, how could that have happened? - I can't give a very good explanation, the case was complicated. Frank Hartzell has a pretty informative article, I recommend reading it, though I am offended by some of the statements from the Footligthers in the article.

In terms of the ruling, the judge has made several factually wrong statements. The most egregious is her statement that we have not suffered from the Footlighter's filing suit three years after they first learned the building was to be given to us and after we spent upwards of $100,000 making repairs. The judge goes on to state that we will have no problem finding another place especially since we have $330,000 in Comcast grants that are unspent. This is completely wrong and the court records do not say that. The reality is we have between $20,000 and $30,000 to our name. I believe the judge got it in her mind that we were sitting on a pile of money, so it is not a big deal that we have to move. We are thinking through our next legal steps.

Many people say we should appeal and we might, but the fact of the matter is we would still have to vacate the building very quickly - in this kind of case we don't get to remain in building until appeal settled, which could be years again.

So we have to move pretty quickly no matter what. We are at a juncture - we will either live or die.

I believe that there are options and that it is possible to find a way to continue to exist but there is no point in even trying to figure out how that can happen unless expressions of support have to start coming quickly. It would be great if people got creative with their expressions, but simple statements of what would be lost if we are gone, what a great service we are, why it would be mistake to let MCTV die, etc.,

I was interviewed today on a special eidition of Coast Currents - it will run tomorrow (Friday) night at 7:30 and will be avaialble to view at

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2 Re: IMPORTANT! MCTV Needs Help! on Thu Aug 08, 2013 5:25 pm


The Last Word.  SO sad!

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