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Ukiah Daily Journal advocates criminal action against people living on the streets...

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Here is the amazing recent Ukiah Daily Journal opinion piece authored by the UDJ staff advocating more police in order to harass people on the street, thus encouraging them to move on to green pastures:

Some pictures attached from the E. Gobbi day time hangout of these alleged vagrants, and also Grace Hudson Park and the WalMart parking lot. The Pear Tree was free of people hanging out this am as was the Safeway parking lot. Downtown square empty.

E. Gobbi hangout
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WalMart parking lot
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There's some limit or difficulty in posting from my file so I will put up pics, regularly documenting our so called "vagrants" that way (it will be at )

set number one (morning of May 23 2013):

set number two (morning of May 23 2013):


The homeless thing is a sad tragedy.
I'm a solutions kind of guy, but that one is a difficult problem for sure.
SO many factors are involved.

On a side note, your other pics are fabulous!
I like the deer checkin' out your picnic table in the The Mount Shasta set.
Can't say I blame 'em.

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Took a walk yesterday along Sacramento's old town and the Sacramento River and a little bit along the American River and on the river banks there are many, many people camping in tents. Of course this area is posted "no camping" allowed but it looks to be that is being ignored as homelessness reaches higher levels in Sacramento.

Note: if Tony Ammiano's state Senate Bill establishing a bill of rights for the homeless passes, all ordinances by cities and counties banning camping on public lands and sleeping in cars will be immediately null and void! When that happens, the disparity in wealth will become acutely obvious to everyone. Then the motivation to find solutions will be higher.



Ukiah Walmart is saturated with signs saying no camping, no loitering, etc. And, signage saying no overnight vehicle camping (despite WalMart's national policy allowing this).

When Ukiah police dispatch starts informing people, calling in their sightings of people camping here and there, that a new California law prevents them from doing anything about that, then folks may be more motivated to address this. People want this reality to be out of sight, out of mind.

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