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OCCUPY Mendocino alive and sort of well...

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1 OCCUPY Mendocino alive and sort of well... on Sun Jul 21, 2013 11:24 pm

OCCUPY Mendocino is still alive and doing a street rally every Friday afternoon in Fort Bragg on the corner of Alder and Main.

First Fridays will be 4 to 6 pm; other Fridays of the month rally will be from 3 to 5 pm

OCCUPY Mendocino also meets twice a month - the 1st and 3rd Saturdays 2 to 4 pm at the Senior Center in Fort Bragg.

OM is also focused on a number of projects:
*getting a measure on the 2014 ballot to make Mendocino county a charter county so we can create our own public bank to keep our $$ in our own county and in our own control.  Working for the next year to educate our county citizens about the power advantage of being a charter county and having a Public Bank using the Public Banking Institute's roadmap. Members of OM and Occupy Ukiah are forming a Public Banking Institute affiliate in Mendocino County.
*helping to save MCTV or rebuild similar public access TV station for the North Coast community
*fighting fraudulent foreclosures
*standing up for JUSTICE for all - Bradley Manning, Trayvon Martin, all victims of injustice.
*working to bring SUNLIGHT to national politics, to the big banks crimes, to the voter suppression.  Helping show how the right-wing controlled American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is writing laws for states across the nation to destroy the middle class and our democracy. ALEC is the origination of the stand your ground law and many other boiler plate laws which have been passed in state after state where Republicans are in control of state governments.  Wisconsin, Ohio, Virginia, Texas, on and on.
*numerous other vital issues

OCCUPY Mendocino is alive and mostly well in Fort Bragg.  We are small but mighty and would /LOVE/ to have more activists join with us to fight for DEMOCRACY and JUSTICE!!!

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Hola, I was very involved in Occupy LA and Venice Beach and glad to see y'all doing the charter for a Mendocino Bank. Great project aimed at root issues and autonomy.

However I'm not sure about the Trayvon Martin issue being a focus of Occupy? It's not a root issue but a polarizing one that doesn't have anything to do with Money Out of Politics, Bank fraud, Goldman Sachs and ect....


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Hi Hillbilly,
Thank you for responding.

We 'see' the Trayvon Martin situation is about JUSTICE (plain and simple but so complicated) which we do feel is a foundation of OCCUPY's work.

Poverty is the root cause of most of our problems and OCCUPY gave us US a huge gift by Sun-lighting the horrific income inequality of our US society and culture.


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Well, poverty is an effect and then becomes a cause.

I thought everything was right on with the work being done locally and the Charter Bank sounds great (though I don't know much about it). I just thought the Trayvon case was a little out there and that really anything could be thrown under the banner of justice.

Thanx for responding, solidarity.

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