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How to use the Calendar

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1 How to use the Calendar on Wed Jul 24, 2013 7:40 am


Adding an entry into the Calendar is easy. One simply has to make a post as usual.
Calendar entries are not made from the Calendar itself, but from the original post.
I'm sure this handy feature will be useful for announcements of all kinds.

The next time you post, scroll down below the text box and you will see a section for "Calendar".
Enter the date and time for the event as you will.
I have made one for this post.  

Write your post announcing (or discussing etc).  When you click to 'send' the post, the Calendar will have an entry.
This entry will have the info on it and will direct folks to your post.
You can always edit any boo boo's at anytime.

Try it.  I know folks will like it once they use it.
Thank you.

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